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Board of directors


Shelly Bengiat

Founder & CEO

Director & CEO of Australian Group of companies: Envirotech Education Pty Ltd, Envirotech International, Envirotech Consultancy Services, Study ID Pty Ltd & Natural Faith NGO.

I have a deep desire to develop educational Vocational Education and Training (VET) frameworks in land and marine ecology, technology and social sustainability.

Envirotech Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration VET Accreditations are one of my most ambitious and innovative educational projects and the next step in the mandating environmental VET reform, nationally and internationally, connecting ecology with technology & finding ways to make environmental management and sustainability connected to technical skills and social sustainability values.

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Paula Lancaster


My name is Paula Lancaster. I am the blessed wife and mother of 2 children. If I were to prioritise my core values, it would be my family and friends.


In addition to my core values is my dedication, commitment and passion for my work. Working with Envirotech Education is a new career phase for me, after 20 years of teaching in High Schools. I am enjoying this new challenge. The work and the people at Envirotech inspire and motivate me to aim higher and branch out my skills in exciting and innovative ways.



I am a person of integrity and passion.

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Adi Rafaeli


Adi Refaeli is from Israel. She has a great passion for video production and she is our video producer. She had her own business back in Israel for marketing videos where she helped many businesses to promote their business through an authentic and natural way. Adi also wrote, produce and directed a winning award 40 min drama that has screened in many film festivals around the world.


Adi’s passion is to create videos about sustainability and Ecothelogy to use the power of video to make the world a better place. She came to Australia to study Sustainable operation to have more understanding about the subject so she can reflect that knowledge in her videos. 

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Violet Langan

Community Liason Officer

With a passion and skillset of over 40 years experience engaging, empowering and training within Education, Health, Community and Christian organisations, my passion is to connect like-minded people and organisations and work collaboratively with stakeholders to help people reach their full potential by becoming leaders of change for the better, within their communities. I am currently involved with several community boards including Pacific Island Qld Council, Logan “walking together” aboriginal and islander eldership program- for our children, Pacifica Woman’s alliance – health forum and I am the co-director for Kingdom Community Life Care.

I am passionate about community involvement and I strongly believe in a solution based approach to the needs of families and communities within the several spheres of influence- family, economy, government, religion, education, media, and celebration.

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